Welcome to everyone coming onto this blog site.


Fran said...

Hi All,
Welcome to everyone coming onto this blog site.
Byewaters is a great place to live - with the Canal, River, Moor & walks - not forgetting the wonderful wildlife.
But we all want it to stay a desirable place for us all to live in.
This site is to help bring the community together and assist in keeping Byewaters our little oasis away from the hustle and bustle that is just beyond our estate.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a good reliable window cleaner?
Prefer one that uses a ladder & cleans the windows directly rather than using a brush on a very long stick!

Anonymous said...

Have a look on the Byewaters Newsletter web version. The last few pages give info. on tradesmen. This can be viewed on amongst other trades there is a window cleaner and he cleans the old fashioned way!! Hope this is helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much.
Looked at Byewaters newsletter web version & found Steve's Window Cleaners who did a great job 07538 400788.

Anonymous said...

Would the owner of the small black and white toy dog, please keep it locked up and not let it run loose on the estate. If I find it in my garden again, I can't guarantee your dogs safety, as my dog is quite likely to go for it. And if I find it doing its business in my garden, I'll take further action!!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if there is a limit to the size of vehicle allowed to park on the estate please?

If so,how do we get oversized vans to park elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

What is an "oversize" van and who decides? People live here, and people have jobs, and jobs often mean having a van.

Anonymous said...

Why don't dog and cat owners keep them locked up! I'm tired of cleaning up there mess! The law says gardens are private and animals should be on a lead!

digitalpiracy said...

A gate has appeared at the bottom of Byewaters, separating several parking spaces from the publicly accessible road

This information may be of interest to various persons

1) Those spaces are assigned for the use of canal boat owners
2) A public right of way stretches to them
3) they have been used consistently by the boat people since placed there, thus guaranteeing continued usage rights
4) The sign by the gate threatens trespassers in the name of 'Croxley Green Management Company Limited'. According to Companies house - the definitive record on UK companies - this company does not exist
4A) Any legal threat issued in the name of a non-existent company may not be enforced in any court under any circumstances.

I will have that gate removed.

Anonymous said...

The gate is still there. People come to visit the folk beyond the gate and park on our side aaaargh

I think they have put a note on a boat owners car

Please get this gate removed

Michael King said...

The boat owners are now parking further down where we have limited parking as it is while the car park beyond the gate is empty.
For three days now a Suzuki has parked outside of 140 Byewaters garage so the lady who lives there cannot get out.

Michael King said...

The Suzuki has been parked over a week now,anyone know who own's it.

Fabian said...

I'd like to draw attention to the effort being made to get TFL to provide step-free access to Croxley station, in which I'd guess many of us have an interest. The Croxley Green Resident's Association have set up an on-line petition

to which all residents are encouraged to contribute. There is also a paper version around the village (The Kitchen has a copy, the library also, I believe) if you prefer: there are a total of just less than 2000 signatures so far, and the support of Byewaters residents will be a useful boost.